Saturday, November 11, 2006

NO MORE “Please forward this if you have heart”

I am getting more and more junk emails. There are two types of junk mail, junk from stranger (which I may able to filter it) and junk from my own friends (which I can’t put them in junk list).

I have to salute to those spam-mailers. They are really good in getting email addresses even of my own email account that I hardly use. But I really cannot tolerate with my own stupid friends. They have IT knowledge, graduate from colleague or university with first class result. They are so called high-educated people by the society.

However, seems like they return their knowledge back to their lecturers since they left the school. They also lost their ability to think.

A lot of emails that they forwarded to me are with subjects like “please forward this if you have heart”, “Please forward this to at least 10 people…” and etc. The emails’ content like “Please forward this as many as possible, each email forward, XXX Company will pay 3cents”, “Please forward this email to help the unfortunate if you have heart.” and blah…blah…blah…

Worse still, the emails don’t even mention the company’s name. Who the hell is going to pay for the email (if) I forward the email?

Did my stupid friends ever think why does the XXX Company set such a condition to help a needy? Why can’t they just pay the amount to help the unfortunates? Are the companies so heartless to wait until the email flies around the world without a certain cutoff date and time? When are they going to pay? How many emails count, base on what date? All these doubts or rather facts will be able to tell you how fishy this thing is…

After writing this, I wanted to write to AOL or Microsoft, asking them to pay me just 1 cent per each email forward out with my write-up. This will create awareness to everybody on spam/junk mail issue. Ultimately, this can reduce their headache on controlling spam/junk mail which right now are flooding in the internet world and cost them so much. (Guess what they going to tell me…)

So, please don’t forward such email again if you still have small piece of BRAIN! (Perhaps, you can forward mine if you have one)

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