Sunday, November 12, 2006

No pork no lard = Halal?

Whenever I see the hawker stall put a sign telling the customer “No Pork No Lard”, I really wanted to laugh and point my finger right to the hawker’s face, ask him/her: “You think Muslims will buy your food by just telling them ‘No Pork No Lard’?”

Our society is a multi-racial society, and we suppose to understand the culture and religious of our friends around us. By the way, how many of us do really understand the meaning of Halal? I am not a Muslim, but I do know “No Pork No Lard” does not mean Halal.

For those hawkers who really want to expand their business to the Muslims’ market, why not just approach the correct body and obtain the proper certification for this? Make the first move to respect others before expect people to respect you.

Of course you may tell me, "Not against the law what......"

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meiting said...

你的文采真不赖, 三语精通。